Farming and Agroecology

  • 2000 ha of farmed land in North East and North West of Bulgaria
  • Production of wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, coriander, oil seed rape
  • State-of-the-art implementation of advanced farming technologies
  • Highest level of produce quality
  • Cleaning and agroecological maintaining of pastures and meadows in mountain areas

Warehousing and Logistics of Grain, Grain Trade

  • Public warehouse – 35 000 MT silos facilities in Vratsa, North West of Bulgaria
  • Flat warehouses – 20 000 MT in North East of Bulgaria, near Varna port
  • Grain quality control laboratories
  • Grain trade of the major agricultural crops

Transportation and Logistics Services

  • Logistic center for seeds, pesticides and fertilizers – Central Bulgaria – Pleven
  • Transportation of grain and agricultural inputs
  • Superb logistics service team

Production of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources

  • Hydropower plant – 184 KW – North West of Bulgaria